Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stop the presses! AFOne goes around!!!

For real, Air Force One went around yesterday morning, and it's a headline on the LA Times' website. Admittedly that is probably quite a rare occurrence. I'm guessing runway incursions are a non-factor when there's a 30 nm TFR. But the reaction of the press and their beloved public is rather amusing. At least they got the nomenclature right. Yes, that's correct, it "went around." It didn't "zoom up again" or any other silliness. Not only is it standard procedure, it's a very smart procedure if you ask me!

As the Air Safety Foundation and many other insightful types will tell you, any time you don't like something with the approach, abort and have another go. Especially if you're carrying the President! Five bucks says that pressure to complete the mission was a factor in the accident that killed the crew who were late to pick up former Pres. George HW Bush a while back, and also in the accident that claimed the life of the Polish president, his wife and half his cabinet in April last year. The more important the cargo, the more willing you should be to go around. (Mr Obama, if you're reading this, I'd wander on up to the cockpit next time you're aboard and tell your pilots "Well done. Thanks.")

It's a good job there isn't a headline every time I go around, that's all I can say.